We at section5 have a lot of experience with the Blackfin architecture. Among other things, we are proud to have contributed to the GNU tools:

  • gas/nisa rewrite in 2004
  • In Circuit Emulation JTAG debugger for GNU toolchain (ICEbear/ICEbearPlus)

We still try to maintain the legacy Blackfin support for our BFloader and ICEbear tools for indefinite time, however, due to decreasing requests, only the flash tools are currently maintained with the default ICEbear hardware.

On top of that, we are still offering support on an individual basis:

  • Reverse Engineering and Failure tracking
  • JTAG reprogramming, bulk programming solutions
  • Realtime camera systems and smart sensors based on Blackfin ADSP
  • Migration of legacy Blackfin designs to newer platforms

Further Resources

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